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December 18, 2018
Hotels International Tennis Club

Shown El Smith, former Bermuda Champion and
Bruce Sims, current Bermuda Champion, both are members of the succesful Hotels International Tennis Team and Peter Pfeiffer, Rothmans Bermuda Open Tennis Tournament Chairman.

The Princess Hotel Staff Tennis Tournament

(re-printed Princess News, Volume 1 Edition 2, 2.Oct.1972

This year for the first time the Princess Hotel, Pembroke, organized a Staff Tennis Tournament which was open to all employees of the Princess Properties in Bermuda.

The tournament was held at the Government Tennis Stadium where the organizing committee (Peter Pfeiffer - President and Guenther Sankowski - Chairman) worked out a schedule for 48 copetitors playing in the singles and doubles competitions.

The top seeds were Joe Cammeroto (Winner 1971, Allan Ganley (Runner-up 1971), Hal Forkush and Pierre Rouja.

The remaining players were from the Princess Properties International office, the Princess
Construction office, the Princess Beach Club, the Waterlot Inn and the Southampton Princess Hotel.

Joe Cammeroto reached the Final by defeating W.Kieser, S.Favalli and the 3rd seeded H.Forkush. He then faced Allan Ganley in the Final and emerged the victor by 6-1,6-1.

Robert Mayr caused the biggest upset in the second round of he tournament when he beat fourth seed Pierre Rouja 6-1,6-3.

In the doubles competitions J.Cammeroto and S.Favalli won against S.Bauer and S.Pellegrine 6-0,6-0.

The consolation round was won by Sergio Favalli, who was also last year's winner.

All trophis were sponsored by the Princess Staff Club who held a cocktail party in honour of the prize-winners.

Our thanks go to Mr. Martin and Mr. Evans, who manage the Government Tennis Stadium, for their gret asistance in keeping courts exclusively available to Princess staff.

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